Rewarded Actions

What is Rewarded Actions?

Rewarded Actions is a single offer performance format curated especially for casual gaming. By using DT’s REST API, publishers are able to pull one easy rewarded action task as an alternative to the rewarded video format.

How to enable Rewarded Actions?

Step 1. Integrate with REST API

Rewarded Actions relies on the Offer Wall REST API, so your app needs to be integrated with it.

If your app is not yet integrated with Offer Wall, follow the steps in Offer Wall API Integration Guide.

Step 2.  Set Up the App in DT Console

As most DT offerings, Rewarded Actions require some setup in DT Console, a self-service portal offered by Digital Turbine.

If your app is not configured in the DT Console yet, follow the steps in Offer Wall Setup Guide

Step 3. Configure Content Filters

To make sure your Rewarded Actions are easy to complete for the user, you need to configure the Content Filters for your ad placements accordingly. To do so, follow the steps in the Offer Wall Content Filters Guide and block Medium and Hard complexities. Alternatively, reach out to your DT Account Manager so that they set this up for you.

Step 4. Work with the API response

Now that you are all set with your integration, it's time to take a look at the payload of API responses.

To implement Rewarded Actions, you need to be pulling only one offer object from the offers array and render it.

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