Auto Store

The purpose of Auto Store is to allow DSPs to determine if DT Exchange should show a store modal on top of a VAST video end card. The Auto Store improves the performance of app-install-driven campaigns, with higher conversions to impression rates and lower CPIs.

What is Auto Store?

Auto Store is a store modal supported by iOS with the SKStoreProductViewController object.  It allows DT Exchange to show the advertised app’s store listing, allowing users to install an app with no interruption to their engagement with a running app, bypassing the trip to App Store.

DSPs determine if DT Exchange automatically displays the Store Kit as part of the ad creative experience after the video ad is over or skipped, overlaying the end card. When dismissed, the user sees the creative end card loaded underneath.

This feature is only available for full-screen VAST ads on iOS with an App Store bundle associated with the ad.


How Does it Work?

DT Exchange supports a new custom extension under, called autostore. This field is only sent for eligible traffic.

Attribute Description Type Example
autostore Indicates whether the inventory is eligible for Auto Store
1 - true; 0 - false
Int; default 1 "imp: {
“video”: {
“ext”: {
“autostore”: 1
} };

DT backend digests two custom extension fields under

These fields are called autostore and autostoreclick.

Both receive a boolean value of either 1 or 0, defining whether the DT Exchange SDK should enable the Auto Store feature and whether or not it should fire the companion click trackers when showing it.

Attribute Description Type Example
autostore Indicates whether DTX should enable automatically displaying the Store 1 - true; 0 - false int; “seatbid”: [{ “bid”: [{ “ext”: { “autostore”: 1 } }] }]
autostoreclick Indicates whether DT Exchange should fire click trackers when displaying the Store Kit
1 - true; 0 - false
Int; “seatbid”: [{ “bid”: [{ “ext”: { “autostoreclick”: 1 } }] }]


How does DT Exchange know which store product to show?

For this feature to work, bid responses that would like to activate Auto Store must also provide the store listing ID of the app under either or (if both are provided, DT uses the itunesitem under the skadn object).

How does DT Exchange manage firing click trackers?
If both values of and are 1, when presenting the AutoStoreKit, DT Exhange’s SDK fires all companion click trackers of the companion ad displayed underneath the store modal. If the displayed companion doesn't have any trackers, no tracker will be fired.
Will DT Exchange support Auto Store on Android?
Currently, Google doesn’t provide a public API to show a Google Play store modal as Apple does on iOS. We know Google uses such a modal for its own network, but this is not available for other networks. The DT Exchange product team is working with Google and other internal DT products to find a way to have this feature available on Android.

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