Setting up DT Exchange Demand


DT Exchange Demand is an exclusive portal for DSPs interested in RTB integration with DT Exchange. For technical details, refer to the IAB OpenRTB API Specification Version 2.5.

Welcome to DT Exchange Demand, a platform designed for Demand Side Partners (DSPs) looking to integrate as an RTB Bidder via DT Exchange. This guide will walk you through the steps to become a new bidder with Digital Turbine.

Before you start, Here are some key details to note for your integration:

  • Data Center Location: DT's data center is in Virginia (US-East in AWS).
    Notify your DT point of contact (POC) of your data center's location.
  • Timeout: The timeout for responding with an ad is 350ms.
  • OpenRTB Version: DT supports OpenRTB 2.5.
  • Impression Counting: DT counts display impressions when at least one pixel is visible to the user on the screen. Video impressions are calculated according to the standard VAST protocol.

Onboarding Process

Follow these steps to become a new bidder with Digital Turbine:

  1. Complete the DSP form and provide your endpoint and targeting details for a test campaign. Contact your DT Account Manager for the relevant DSP form URL.
  2. Manual Testing Digital Turbine will send a few ad requests from a local test environment to confirm that your bidder returns a bid with an ad.
  3. Deployment Digital Turbine will deploy the integration to their production servers, and you will be provided with an exact deployment date in advance.
  4. Your Live Test Set up paying campaigns targeting low-scale inventory, and DT will open low-scale live traffic for testing.
  5. Teamwork Collaborate with Digital Turbine to share the number of impressions and cost during the testing period. Scale up if the discrepancy is below 5%.

Once you've completed these steps and successfully scaled up, you can use DT Exchange as a fully integrated bidder.


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